Mead family crest

Mead Family Crest

It is in this spirit that The Historic Mead Family Burying Grounds Association, Inc., was formed. The Association was founded in conjunction with the 350th year celebrations commemorating the history of the town of Greenwich, Connecticut.

The mission of the Historic Mead Family Burying Grounds Association, Inc., is to ensure the sustained preservation of three Mead family burying grounds in the town of Greenwich, Connecticut, and of ancestral grave markers in other cemeteries. To that end, the Association serves to:

  • foster communication among Mead family descendants and friends.
  • cultivate an appreciation of the cultural, social, religious, political, and environmental history of these sites, its grave markers, and those interred therein.
  • encourage and support excellence in historical research, interpretation, publication, and scholarship, including advocacy for professional standards and intellectual growth through its online journal, 'Hallow Grounds.'
  • generate support for the preservation, dissemination, and exhibition of the burying grounds dealing with the Mead family and descendants.
  • encourage respectful and professional restoration and preservation of historic burying grounds and other historic sites.'establish a strong foundation for continued preservation of our ancestral burying grounds and the history associated with them.

The Historic Mead Family Burying Grounds Association, Inc., is a non-profit, tax-exempt association under the provisions of Section 501 (C) (13) of the Internal Revenue Code and the State of Connecticut.

All of these sites were at one time overgrown and neglected for many years. Prior to the initial clean up efforts at two of these sites the taller markers seemed to struggle for recognition above weeds and debris. Today, the grounds are maintained, fallen stones stand tall and have been cleaned, and our history is transmitted continuously over the Internet for the benefit of Mead family descendants near and far across the world.

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