before photo of North Greenwich Burying Ground

The North Greenwich Burying Grounds in 1992 before being cleaned and restored by members of the Mead Family Burying Grounds Association

After photo of North Greenwich

The North Greenwich Burying Grounds in the spring of 2001.

Photos © 1992-2010 Jeffrey Bingham Mead
  • The Daniel Merritt Mead Club: $500
    This nineteenth century attorney was the first to publish a history of the Town of Greenwich, Connecticut in 1857. He was the son of Edward and Susan A.E. (Merritt) Mead, born June 2, 1834. After three years of law school at Yale University he entered Poughkeepsie Law School, from which he graduated in 1855. Daniel was admitted to the Connecticut Bar that year and opened an office in Greenwich. He married Louisa S., the daughter of Colonel Thomas A. and Hannah Seaman Mead. Daniel was a representative to the General Assembly in 1860. He joined the Free Masons at Union Lodge of Stamford in 1856, and became a charter member of Greenwich’s Acacia Lodge in 1857. When the Civil War broke out Daniel Merritt Mead was commissioned a major in the Tenth Regiment Connecticut Volunteer Infantry. He died on sick leave in Greenwich on September 19, 1862, and he’s buried in the New Burial Grounds Association Cemetery next to the Second Congregational Church.

  • The Ruth Mead Club: $400
    "Let us awake to a sense of our duty and be engaged to perform it. The many talents which have been given us will be required at our hands. Let us not then suffer them to remain hid, but let them be improved in our Master's service; that when called to render up our account we may be enabled to do it with joy." These words were recorded in the 1815 preamble of the Female Foreign Mission Society of Greenwich; Ruth Mead was its first president. "The object of this Society shall be to collect money to support Foreign Missions and to aid the translation of the Scriptures into various languages." She was married to Nehemiah Mead, whose home stood where Cos Cob Elementary School stands today. Her remains once were interred at the family plot in Cos Cob, but now rest in Putnam Cemetery.

  • The Lieutenant Caleb Mead Club:
    $300 This soldier of the American Revolution is interred in our family plot at Lot and Drake’s Corner, the intersection of North Street and Taconic Road. He was born December 28, 1716 and died in January, 1798. According to the late Edgar T. Mead, Jr., "young Caleb was commissioned as a lieutenant in the Stanwich or East Train Band Militia" in 1745. During the Revolution he served as a Captain in the Battle of White Plains, New York.

  • The Caroline Mills Smith Mead Club: $200
    Cos Cob land developer, entrepreneur, and local philanthropist, Caroline Mills Smith Mead inherited the vast lands of her husband, William H. Mead. Well before her time, this widow undertook the development of roads and "summer cottages" off Suburban Avenue, Randolph Place, and elsewhere in Cos Cob. Her will records many gifts to charitable organizations in town. She died in 1910, and is interred at the plot in Cos Cob near the Mill Pond.

  • The Obadiah Mead Club: $100
    Once upon a time during the years of the American Revolution a group of Tories and British soldiers invaded the family farm at North Greenwich. Young Obadiah Mead ran off to a barn, which was quickly surrounded. He was shot while attempting to escape, and his unmarked grave, perhaps among the many fieldstone markers, is in our plot at North Greenwich.

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