Silas Mead's headstone

Since our incorporation in 1990, the Association has actively preserved, protected, and maintained three previously neglected ancestral family cemeteries in Greenwich, Connecticut, that were once on family farms. It also accepts funds to repair and preserve gravestones of our ancestors at other sites.

The Association also advocates for the sustained preservation of other current or previously neglected historic cemeteries and burying grounds. Via this web site, the Association presents historical background on these hallowed grounds for the benefit and enrichment of all family descendants and friends worldwide. It publishes 'Hallowed Grounds,' a first-of-its-kind online journal of history, thus making available to historians and scholars of all ages historical records and writings documenting the history of these sites and those interred therein.

Your tax-deductible contribution allow us to meet the challenge of satisfying our critical needs and strategic objectives. Vital to this effort is the innovative creation of our web site. Can't come to Greenwich to visit these sites? Regardless of distance or season, we can bring it to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Contributions will help ensure that the Association has the resources to inspire a love of history and preservation. Your generosity will provide support for the upkeep of the grounds, preservation of the gravestones, and for our online publications, all of which is offered to satisfy the interests of our descendants and friends everywhere.

Please make your check out to "Mead Burying Grounds Association" and it to: The Historic Mead Family Burying Grounds Association, c/o Kerry Martin Mara, 508 Roxbury Road, Stamford, Connecticut 06902, USA. Thank you for your support!


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